Professional Business Fraternity
Lambda Mu Chapter | University of the Pacific

Thursday April 21st: Our chapter fundraised through Pie-A-Professor and Pie-A-Bro. The professor in the business school who raised the most money got pied. This year's winner was Professor Eminli (Finance). Brothers in chapter also volunteered to get pied. So, friends and brothers pied each other. Thank You to everyone who donated, and came out to support us! 

Saturday April 9th: Our chapter attended Bro Games in Fremont hosted by the Delta Omicron chapter of Delta Sigma Pi from SFSU. It was a rainy and muddy day. Even though we did not win, our chapter had a fun time bonding and networking with brothers from other chapters

Thursday April 7th: Our chapter had faculty initiation. Dean Gale and Professor Carlston were inducted as faculty brothers. We were fortunate enough to have Professor Lichter - Heath join us. This was the first faculty initiation for most of the brothers' in chapter, since it had been awhile since we had our last faculty initiation. 

Wednesday March 2nd : Our chapter had big / little introductions. Every family line in chapter picked up and received at least one member. We were fortunate enough to have some alumni come back and join us. Some of the alumni that came by were Dio Siador, Chelsea Moso, Nick King, Kristen Philman, Arianne Cabley, and Marzieh Nightingale. The Royal Blue Family added 5 members. The Green Family added 5 members.The Plaid Famury added 4 members. The Green Animal Family, The Aqua Family, and The Platinum Family all added 1 member each. 

On Tuesday March 1st, our chapter hosted Meet The Bros. At Meet the Bros pledges got a chance to talk with the brothers in a more social and laid - back atmosphere similar to Meet the Chapter. Pledges and brothers who were picking up (potential bigs) speed dated in order for big / little pairings to be done. 

On Thursday February 25th our chapter welcomed 18 pledges for the Spring 2016 Semester. Pledge Educator Isaac Kim and Pledge Educator assistant Jashan Kaur will be guiding the pledges throughout the process.Our chapter is very excited for these 18 individuals. We are looking forward to see what they can do if and when they are brothers. Our chapter believes we have a great mix of individuals who can furthermore be a strong foundation to build upon as our senior brothers are graduating.